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LIBRARY FOR is like a tiny department store for life. A pop-up space for making, learning, borrowing, and meeting. Borrow a sander, an ice-cream maker, a pressure washer. Learn a new skill or hobby. Entertain your kids, learn about climate change, take a health check or make-over your CV. Do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

Welcome to the LIBRARY FOR both a better everyday, and for pursuing your dreams.


Our vision is to support the local community in Peterborough with the cost-of-living crisis and with tackling climate change through low-cost item lending and workshops.

This initiative is being developed as a partnership with the global social enterprise Civic, Peterborough Central Library, environment and sustainability charity PECT and our funding partner, the National Lottery.

We encourage our LIBRARY FOR members to borrow items from us from as little as £1 a week per item, rather than buy, use once, never use again. Get started today in a few simple steps:

Step 01


it’s free to join the LIBRARY FOR. Membership allows you to borrow items from the lending library for a small fee.
Complete the membership application form.
Visit the LIBRARY FOR with 2 forms of ID (one must have a photo of you)

Step 02

borrow & Collect

You can now start to borrow items from us. Browse our catalogue to see what we have in stock, or what you can reserve.
Select your item and tell us when you want to collect it.
Collect your item (tell us if you need a car parking space)

Step 03


Use your item, and return it to us at the appointed time in a clean condition.

Library For Ltd is a company registered England and Wales (Company No. 11804306) 3Space International House London SW9 7QD.